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Radalink TeleMonitor Specifications

See also: Service Details

TeleMonitor Specificaitons

Raditaion Detected:

Radon-222 Alpha


Pulsed ionization chamber


Non-volatile memory
Internal modem

Dynamic Range:

0.5 to 2500 pCi/l

Unit of Measure:

Picocuries per liter of air


0.33 CPM Per pCi/l
(Only 0.008 CPM fixed background)*


0 to 2500 pCi/l
(less than 10% deviation)

Operating Mode:

Passive air diffusion

Data Storage:

120 one-hour data points (5 days)

Temperature Sensor:

Range of 0-122 degrees fahrenheit

Barometric Pressure:

Range of 0-38 inches of mercury

Relative Humidity:

Range of 10-90%

Built-in Check Source:

Routine performance check before every test (yield of 10,000 CPM)




16-character, 2-line LCD

   AC Indicator:

Green LED



   On/Off Switch:

Either key switch or toggle

   Two Momentary

Multifunction, select and execute

External Output:

Built-in modem, external phone jack
Pre-programmed, toll-free data upload no.
Digital cell phone upload command option

Power Supply:

Use 12V/120V AC/DC Adaptor
Or 12V 1.2 Ah Rechargeable Battery
(72 Hr. Operating Capacity)


12 in. wide, 12 in. deep, 3.25 in. high


12 pounds


TeleMonitor Features

  • hourly record of radon, temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure
  • 12-hour delay option for cases when environment was not closed prior to test**
  • 24-hour delay option to meet 24-hour minimum mitigation operation**
  • built-in check source feature performs routine instrument performance check before every test*
  • displays message after meeting EPA's minimum required deployment time
  • 40-second, toll-free data upload via conventional telephone or cell phone, available 24 hrs a day
  • built-in clock
  • powered by either AC adaptor or battery
  • protected by rugged steel case

* per EPA CRM device protocol
** per EPA testing protocol